Alumni Mentorship Program

What is an LBJ Mentor?
“Someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person.” – "Mentor." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web.
As an LBJ Mentor you are a guide, coach and resource who shares your own LBJ education and professional experience to help pave the way for students to succeed at LBJ and beyond. LBJ Mentors gain satisfaction from helping current students explore their own career paths.
Mentor Criteria
Local area alumni
Minimum 3 years post graduate degree
Currently employed or retired
Submit resume
Time Commitment
Suggested time for mentoring relationship.
We ask both the mentor and student to commit to a minimum of two hours per month. It is up to the student and the mentor to decide together what works best for them.
Duration of Mentorship
How long does mentoring relationships last?
The mentoring relationship officially lasts for one semester, after which the mentor will have the ability to opt-in for another semester or be paired with another student. This allows students to search for new mentors and alumni to work with new students or take a reprieve from the program. This, however, does not mean that the mentoring relationship has to end. The goal is to develop long-term networking relationships between mentors and mentees. Therefore, we encourage relationships to continue.
Suggested Mentoring Activities
Career Conversations
Job Search Process
Mentor’s Story
Networking Pursuits
Shadow a Mentor at work day
Student Expectation
Mentoring works best when both students and alumni put in the time to make it successful by being respectful and meeting the expectations they set for the relationship. Keep in mind that the LBJ mentorship program is student-driven, meaning that it is up to the student to initiate each part of the process.